…Your Dream Life is On the Other Side of Your Old Self…

Your Journey Begins Here

The time has come to find your true power and evoke the god/goddess like state within. Come with me on this powerfully journey of self-discovery & self-realization as we deepen the understanding of ourselves & as we refine the version of ourselves we want to experience more. As we you uncover your greatest potentials & superpowers within we will start top build & install powerful new patterns into your new self. It is all about evoking the god/goddess like state within us all & as we become more aware of this innate intelligence within we will start building upon the future you and future life you wish to attract & experience. This Journey is empowering and liberating and brings forth your co-creator god/goddess like state of being within as we work towards what we like to call a “State Of Zero”. Join us now and make the new reality you dream of the one you wish to experience.

Are you ready to take charge of your life?

Taking 100% Responsibility for your life is the first step in change. You can not steer the car when sitting in the passenger seat you must take full control of that steering wheel and guide yourself towards your next destination.

Ty Brazel – Co. Founder Of Zero State Life Coaching, Professional Life Coach, Timeline Therapist, Breathwork Facilitator ,Ho’oponopono Practitioner & Fellow Human…

The Inspiration I have in helping people find their purpose, create consistent strategies for forward momentum, supplying the knowledge & tools we require to make changes in our lives while also supplying them with the deeper understanding of the evolutionary process we all embark on is at the core of what I want to do for humanity. I decided to get into this game as I was one of the many self-inflicting victims of my very own creation of suffering. It was only once I took back my power back and held myself completely accountable for everything that had brought me to that point in time in my experience was I able to redirect my life and alter my reality to the one I most desired. I am all about making this journey as fun as possible because it really is a magical experience & journey we all are embarking upon. We will supply you with the tools and knowledge so that you may be prepared to break the Moulds of your current self & current circumstances while we prepare you for your future self you are becoming. When life throws you a curveball we will also provide you with the tools so that you may bring yourself back to your center or what we like to call our “Zero State” Mindspace so we can discover & build the version you most resonate with. Life is going to give you so much opportunity once we learn to invoke the magic within us all giving us even greater insights into the power we all share within each & every soul on earth & as we shift & adapt to the complexities of this amazing world we will start to reconnect & align with our true purpose we were here to experience. So come with me on this journey to transforming your life while also becoming that beacon of light & hope in the lives of many others as you experience the magic life provides us when we dedicate our life to becoming our best versions in service to humanity for the greater good of all.

Love & light to you all.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

Albert Einstein

The Meditation & Breathwork Process

We strive to lay the knowledge down so you scientifically understand the biological magic that can happen from daily practices of meditation & breathwork giving you the confidence to break free from any outdated patterns & past trauma’s helping you live free as the powerful co-creator you truthfully are.

8 Week Program To Change

We offer many different types of coaching packages from normal Life coaching programs to our full 8 week immersive full guided coaching program “Align With Life” the Zero State Mindspace Method. Head over now & check out the available packages that may support you along your path to transforming your life.

Finding Your Direction

Finding your purpose can send you on an insane & wild goose chase through life. We are here to help you find your purpose and unravel your gifts while supporting you through your transformation while also supplying you with the tools to bring yourself back onto the track of your desired destination & desired life when life gives you your tests.

Dr Joe Dispenza


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Love & Light to you All 🙂